Scottish Discretionary Housing Payment: guidance manual

Discretionary Housing Payment guidance manual for local authorities in Scotland, for use from 1 April 2024, issued by Scottish Ministers.

Section 5: Payment of DHPs

19. Method of payment

19.1 DHPs may be delivered through HB payment systems and may also be paid alongside HB payments. However, there must be a clear audit trail that allows LAs to differentiate, in any given case, between HB and DHPs.

19.2 If a DHP is paid with HB, notifications to the individual must clearly show the amount of HB and the amount of DHP.

20. Paying another person a DHP on behalf of the individual

20.1 A DHP may be paid to someone other than the individual if the LA feels this is reasonable. That could be:

  • an individual’s legal representative
  • another person to meet, or contribute towards meeting, any liability the individual has to that person e.g. a landlord

However, consideration should be given to risk of fraud and under 16s cannot be considered.

20.2 DHPs may also be used to make a deduction from any liability the individual has to the authority giving the assistance which is connected to housing costs. In the case of a person who is entitled to rent rebate, DHPs can be credited to the rent account.

20.3 Any combination of the above may also be considered.



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