Scottish Crime and Justice Survey: consultation analysis

Summary of the responses and feedback gathered during the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey consultation and associated discussion events.

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7. The Strengths and Weaknesses of the SCJS

Questions within the Citizen Space consultation asked users to state what they considered to be the strengths and weaknesses of the SCJS. A summary of this feedback, combined with insights gathered at the consultation events, is presented below.

7.1 Perceived Strengths of the SCJS

Respondents highlighted key strengths of the SCJS as being the collection of data which provides a comparable time-series since 2008/09, and the ability of the SCJS to capture crimes not reported to the police. Further comments stated strengths include the range of topics covered, and the ability to capture data on sensitive topics.

7.2 Perceived Weaknesses of the SCJS

Respondents highlighted the weaknesses or limitations of the SCJS to be a lack of disaggregated data to provide information on aspects such as local authority area, ethnicity, gender, and other protected characteristics. Further comments stated weaknesses include the ability of the survey to adequately explore the victim experience during a period of decreasing victimisation rates, a lack of international comparisons, not capturing community justice activities, and the exclusion of those who do not live in private residences.



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