Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2014/15: Sexual Victimisation & Stalking

Findings from the SCJS 2014/15 on Sexual Victimisation and Stalking.


1. From April 2016, the SCJS will revert to a continuous survey of around 6,000 adults each year.

2. While the analysis for the SCJS main findings report was mainly conducted in SAS and statistical significance assessed there and using the SCJS Statistical Testing Tool, the analysis for the self-completion reports utilised related functionality in SPSS to assess for statistical significance and report significance consistently at the 95% level.

3. The SSA is carried out by ScotCen Social Research, an independent research organisation based in Edinburgh. The 2014 survey involved 1,501 interviews with a representative probability sample of the Scottish population.

4. A victim is defined as a respondent who reported crimes or offences in the main questionnaire (excluding sexual offences and threats) that are within the scope of the survey, took place in Scotland, and occurred within the reference period.


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