Scottish Crime and Justice Survey 2014/15: Drug Use

This report presents findings on illicit drug use from the self-completion module of the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey. It provides data and analysis on drug use in the last month, in the last year and ever among adults aged sixteen and over in Scotla

Table A1.1: Estimated number of adults in Scotland who used drugs in the last year, by drug classification, in 2014/15 (with 95% confidence interval limits)

SCJS 2014/15

Estimated drug use Best estimate Lower estimate Higher estimate
Class A 114,000 98,000 131,000
Class B 229,000 206,000 252,000
Class C 21,000 14,000 29,000
Not classified [34] 29,000 21,000 38,000
New drugs [35] 24,000 16,000 32,000
Legal Highs [36] 17,000 11,000 24,000

Base: 9,970
Variable Name: Q12M


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