Scottish court fees 2022 to 2025: equality impact assessment

Equality impact assessment (EQIA) relating to 6 Scottish Statutory Instruments (SSIs) providing for fees in the Scottish civil courts and the Office of the Public Guardian in the years 2022 to 2025.

Stage 5: Authorisation of EQIA

Please confirm that:

This Equality Impact Assessment has informed the development of this policy:

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Opportunities to promote equality in respect of age, disability, gender, gender identity/transgender, sexual orientation, race and religion and belief have been considered, i.e:

  • Eliminating unlawful discrimination, harassment, victimisation;

- Removing or minimising any barriers and/or disadvantages;

- Taking steps which assist with promoting equality and meeting people's different needs;

  • Encouraging participation (e.g. in public life);
  • Fostering good relations, tackling prejudice and promoting understanding.

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I am satisfied with the equality impact assessment that has been undertaken for the Consultation on Scottish Court Fees and give my authorisation for the results of this assessment to be published on the Scottish Government's website.

Name: Denise Swanson

Position: Deputy Director, Civil Law and Legal System

Date: 19/5/2022



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