Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme

Details Scottish Minister's objectives, policies and proposals to tackle the climate change impacts to Scotland from the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment.


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5. Reserved matters are those which the UK Government has control over and are set out in Schedule 5 of the Scotland Act 1998. Examples include immigration, tax, national security, energy policy and telecommunications.

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7. A new Programme will be produced to address impacts identified for Scotland in progressive CCRAs due every 5 years.

8. The area of land which is climatically suitable for a particular species or habitat.

9. Flooding results in the washing of nutrients into freshwater and shallow marine environments, causing algal blooms

10. Type A are those which supply 50 or more people, supply ten or more cubic meters of water per day or supply any kind of public or commercial activity.

11. Civil Contingencies Act 2004

12. PWC Report: International Threats and Opportunities of Climate Change to the UK.

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15. Following the publication of Delivering Planning Reform, the Agencies set up a working group to implement the commitments and keep each other up to date on progress: Members of the group include Architecture and Design Scotland, Historic Scotland, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, Scottish Water, Transport Scotland and Scottish Enterprise.


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