Scottish Care Homes Census

The Scottish Care Home Census data are collected on an annual basis via an electronic system called eForms which is maintained by the Care Inspectorate.

Accessing the Scottish Care Homes Census Forms

You can access the eForm on the Care Inspectorate website from 6 May 2024.

On the eForms login page you will be asked to enter your username and password. These will be the same as for accessing the Care Inspectorate Annual Return or Notifications.

If you do not currently have a username and password, please contact the Care Inspectorate Contact Centre on: 0345 600 9527

The eForm for the Scottish Cares Homes Census will be available to complete up to and including Sunday 16 June 2024, after which it will close.

Please remember to save the document as you go, by using the ‘Save’ or ‘Save & Exit’ buttons on the top toolbar.


If the guidance doesn’t answer your questions then you can contact the Care Inspectorate Contact Centre helpline on: 0345 600 9527.

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