Scottish Animal Welfare Commission - group work on snaring: FOI release

Freedom of Information request and response relating to the Scottish Animal Welfare Commission's (SAWC) work on snaring.

Information requested

All correspondence between the Scottish Animal Welfare Commission (SAWC) and the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) in relation to the “SAWC trapping of terrestrial wild mammals using snares position paper” dated December 2022.


I enclose a copy of most of the information you requested, at Annexes A (correspondence), B (photographs) and C (Scottish SPCA Snaring Report). The correspondence consists of exchanges between SAWC member Mike Flynn and officials at the Scottish SPCA.

Due to exemptions under Section 38(1)(b) of FOISA, personnel data has been redacted and replaced with [Redacted s.38(1)(b)].

Annexes B and C contain photographs, and due to the size of the files we are unable to upload these to the web page. If you wish to view these, please contact us at the SAWC mailbox and we will be happy to provide.


All enquiries about the work of SAWC should be addressed to the SAWC secretariat.



The Scottish Animal Welfare Commission Secretariat
Animal Health and Welfare Team
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