Scotland's public health priorities

Report on Scotland's six public health priorities.

Our Reform Principles

This document sets out the things we must focus on across Scotland if we are to improve the nation’s health, but we also need to have a shared understanding of how we will work together to deliver change.

The Scottish Government and COSLA have committed to the following reform principles, and we will encourage our partners and those working with us across Scotland to reflect similar principles in all that they do.

  • Reducing Inequalities

Tackling health inequalities is a matter of social justice. Reducing the health inequalities which exist in Scotland will be the primary objective of our collaborative action and runs through all of our public health priorities.

  • Prevention and early intervention

Action on Scotland’s public health priorities will prioritise preventative measures to reduce demand and lessen inequalities.

  • Fairness, Equity and Equality

Our approach will be based on the principles of fairness and equity, taking account of the avoidable differences in health among groups of people and providing access to the resources needed to improve health. Everyone has the right to the highest attainable standard of health and everyone should have equal opportunity to realize this right without discrimination.

  • Collaboration and Engagement

Effective services must be designed and delivered with, and for, people and communities. Early and meaningful engagement across organisations and with people and communities will be an essential element of action on Scotland’s public health priorities.

  • Empowering People and Communities

We will work in a way which supports services and communities to produce the change they want to see together, and co-design the services they will use. Our goal will be to put people and communities at the heart of change.

  • Intelligence, evidence and innovation

Action on Scotland’s public health priorities will be evidence-led. We will apply public health expertise, data and intelligence and draw on our communities’ lived experience. The challenges within the priority areas will need new thinking and new solutions. Innovation, in particular in the areas of data science and technology, and the use of digital solutions will be a key tool in enabling, driving and supporting change.


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