Scotland's Digital Future: Report on the current landscape for Data Hosting and Data Centres in the Scottish Public Sector

This report sets out the findings of a review of the public sector data centre landscape. The landscape review was the first phase of the project to deliver the data hosting and data centre strategy published in April 2014. The findings in this report ref

Annex E - Possible Guidance

  • develop toolkits to support guidance/strategy on best practice to help organisations make choices e.g.
  • audit existing data centre/hosting facilities
  • standardised cost model that will allow organisations to compare their current delivery model to the alternatives.
  • identify the skills both internal and external to run hosting services to their optimum efficiency
  • energy efficiency standards
  • pros and cons of the various hosting options.
  • use of existing and emerging procurement frameworks e.g. SWAN, g-cloud
  • guidance on what a public sector data centre standard should be
  • create guidance/strategy on best practice
  • reuse of existing facilities that have through the toolkits demonstrated they meet standards
  • consolidation plans at sectoral level building to a national roadmap/plan
  • energy targets for public sector hosting facilities.
  • identify case studies on local/national/international approaches that show best practice and lessons learned
  • sectoral led governance advocating mandatory returns based on key metrics from the measurement and benefits framework.
  • National reporting and monitoring
  • policy on cloud usage for the public sector.
  • develop a procurement framework - We will work with sectors to understand the services they would be interested in using and engage with procurement colleagues to provide this.


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