Scotland's Digital Future: Data Hosting and Data Centre Strategy for the Scottish Public Sector

The data hosting and data centre strategy sets the vision that Scotland’s public sector data hosting is cost-effective, carbon neutral and makes appropriate use of cloud technology, for the delivery of efficient and highly available ICT services.

Decision Roadmap


  • Step 1

Understanding your current estate

Understanding your assets and the efficiency of your data centre makes the identification of the best solution to host your data and services more informed.

  • Step 2

Understanding the TCO

The total cost of ownership ( TCO) can best be summarised for a data centre as the sum of initial capital expenditures (Capex) added to on-going and long-term operational expenditures (Opex).

  • Step 3

What are the factors to consider?

Once you have identified the total cost of ownership you must decide the best options for data hosting. Provided business requirements are met, the key consideration will be Value for Money ( VFM), and the option appraisal should determine best option, and when to make a change from existing arrangements. In some cases, existing assets may be the most cost effective option for a period of time, but bodies should change hosting arrangements as soon as it is cost effective to do so.

  • Step 4

Business Case

The business case for change should consider the priorities set out in the strategy and clearly evaluate these in terms of new investment to deliver on identified actions.

At a high level the business case for change should cover the following:



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