Scotland's Digital Future: Data Centre Colocation In The Scottish Public Sector

Guidance and principles on data centre colocation. Sets out how to select a colocation site (service standards, energy efficiency, security etc.) a model Memorandum of Understanding and colocation case studies in the Scottish Public Sector. Developed wi

Hosting organisation considerations

Organisations considering offering rental space in their data centres should satisfy themselves that they fully understand what they will be signing up to deliver. The following questions will assist in these considerations:


  • Does it meet the standards as described above?
  • Will there be a need to source additional carriers to the data centre?
  • Will the existing network need to be isolated from any new connections?
  • Is there enough power and cooling capacity to house additional equipment?


  • Will the presence of external organisations affect required certifications and compliance?
  • How will the presence of external personnel and their systems affect existing security practices, and will these practices need modified?


  • Are you currently resourced to support a colocation facility?
  • Will an entirely new communications plan need to be put in place?
  • Do you have a costing model that can calculate the correct revenue?

If organisations are satisfied they can provide the appropriate service they should contact for inclusion in the public sector colocation catalogue.


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