Scotland's devolved employment services: statistical summary

Statistics to the end of June 2019 cover the first fifteen months of Fair Start Scotland (FSS), which launched in April 2018, and the first year of the Health and Work Support Pilot (HAWS), which launched in June 2018.


1. This figure is not finalised yet, so is likely to be revised upwards in the next publication. This is because those referred at the end of the period may not have had time to start on the service. 

2. Since participants start at different times throughout the lifetime of the service, some participants will not yet have had enough time to achieve job outcomes within a given reporting period. 

3. ’Early leavers’ are defined as those who leave FSS before the end of the pre-employment support period without having achieved a job outcome 


5. 1% unknown gender

6. The disabled population is calculated by dividing the sum of people who are 'limited a lot' and 'limited a little', by the total number of participants

7. ‘Minority ethnic’ includes Mixed or multiple ethnic groups, Asian, Asian Scottish or Asian British, African, Caribbean or black and Other ethnic groups.

8. The first quarter starts on 26 June 2018, when the pilot launched



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