Scotland's 10 Year Farmed Fish Health: strategic framework

Framework document produced by the Farmed Fish Health Working Group.

Farmed Fish Health Framework Objectives

  • To provide a strategic, evidence-based approach to the short and long-term improvement of fish health;
  • To lead in information sharing and transparency and encourage consistent industry reporting of fish survival, disease and parasite status;
  • To support and promote innovation in fish health management and secure improved productivity, performance, survival and production of high quality and marketable fish;
  • To identify and evidence areas where the regulatory framework could be demonstrably improved;
  • To establish a forum with a long-term view on managing and pre-empting challenges to fish health; and to identify options on the way forward;
  • To set out well-defined work themes for activity with measurable actions and timelines to be identified, including clarity on the most appropriate responsible bodies to conduct the work and how they could be resourced; and
  • To ensure regular public reporting of the Farmed Fish Health Working Group's progress and that the framework is reviewed regularly by the Working Group.


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