A Scotland without fuel poverty is a fairer Scotland: report

Report by the Scottish Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group proposing a fresh approach to delivering affordable warmth and energy use in Scotland.

Appendix 6: Macmillan Care Plan

Client A
Bowel Cancer Primary

Completed By: Link Officer
Date: 20/02/2014
Designation: Holistic Needs Assessment Officer
Contact Details: 0141 287 7077
Copies sent to: GP/Client
Next Review Due:

Level 1: Score 0-3 (Mild Concerns)
Discuss Sources of concern with the patient, include information, contact details and monitor.
Level 2: Score 4-6 (Moderate Concerns)
As above for level 1 and provide information and discuss with a colleague if necessary and signpost to support. Use second level assessment tool if appropriate e.g HADs
Level 3: Score 7-10 (Significant Concerns)
As above in level 1 and 2, and use second level assessment tool if appropriate e.g HADs and refer to specialist services if required.

Overall Score on Distress Thermometer: (1-10)

Main Concerns Score Description of Concern Plan of Action

Practical Concerns:


10 Client living conditions are unsuitable for his condition specifically when his treatment has been undertaken.

Referral to Glasgow Housing Association 20.02.14.

Client to be re housed.

Practical Concerns: Money 10 Client will be off work due to condition and will not get sick pay.

Referral to Long Term Conditions & Macmillan Service 20.02.14.

Full Benefit Review

Practical Concerns: Caring Responsibilities 10 Client does not want his family to be burdened with his caring responsibilities.

Potential future referral to Cordia Home Care

(Client will contact Link Officer when referral to be carried out)

Emotional Concerns; Worry, Fear and Anxiety 10 Client is concerned about his forth coming treatment and surgery. Signposted Client to his Clinical Nurse Specialist for reassurance regarding treatment.


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