Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP) 2014-2020 Stage 2: Final Proposals

Stage 2 document setting out the final proposals for the new rural development programme period (2014-2020).




3. Statistics have been drawn from the Scottish Government's National Performance Framework, Office for National Statistics (ONS), Forestry Commission, Scottish Natural Heritage, Ofcom and Eurostat.

4. Statistics reflect EU 27, prior to Croatia joining the EU earlier in 2013.



7. Reproduced from Guidelines for the Ex Ante Evaluation of 2014-2020 RDPs

8. Information can be found at

9. Can be found at


11. "An attempt at an ex post evaluation of agri-environment support for crofting in the 2007-13 SRDP" Gwyn Jones


13. Excludes holdings with zero area (generally sheep stock clubs)

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15. See

16. Report due to be published 28 November 2013, and can be found at


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