'Your Scotland, Your Referendum': An Analysis of Consultation Responses

This report presents the analysis of responses to the 'Your Scotland, Your Referendum' consultation on proposals for a referendum on Scottish independence. The consultation closed on 11 May 2012.


Scottish Labour campaign

The referendum on Scotland's constitutional future is hugely important, and I want to have my say on how the referendum is run. I want it to be legal, fair, and decisive.

I do not want the referendum to be subject to legal challenge or dragged through the courts. Clarity on which parliament has the legal responsibility to call the referendum must be sorted out.

I want the referendum to be supervised by the Electoral Commission, and I am opposed to any attempt to water down their role. They must have the legal power to rule on the wording of the question.

UK. I do not support attempts to muddy the water with further questions on other matters. I want the referendum sooner rather than later and do not see the need to wait almost three years.

Please take my views into account.

SNP campaign

I believe the Scottish Parliament rather than the UK Government should decide the arrangements for the referendum.

I support the suggested wording of the question: 'Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country'. This is clear and fair.

I agree that the referendum should be held in autumn 2014.

I believe 16 and 17 year old young people should be able to vote, given they can marry, pay taxes and join the army. The referendum is about their future too.

Lanarkshire campaign

Question 1

This is a very important question which I believe should be addressed by the Electoral Commission.

Question 2

The question should be put to the people of Scotland as soon as possible. The delay is causing uncertainty and wasting civil service time and resources preparing for something the people of Scotland may or may not vote for. This all adds to expense for the taxpayer.

Question 3

There should be one question on the referendum ballot paper and the outcome decided on a simple majority basis.

Question 4

The arrangements now in place for the management of elections in Scotland are satisfactory and should be used in the referendum.

Question 5

The arrangements now in place for the management of elections in Scotland are satisfactory and should be used in the referendum. The Electoral Commission should regulate the Referendum.

Question 6

There are strong traditional and religious arguments against holding the referendum on a Saturday. I believe that it should be held on a Thursday.

Question 7

If the law is changed for all elections I have no objections to 16 & 17 year olds having the right to vote. Registration procedures will require to be considered very carefully especially issues in relation to child protection and the need to publish electoral registers.

Question 8

I agree there should be a limit and believe the proposals are reasonable.

Question 9



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