Scotland Heat Map: information

Documents and guidance to support use of the Scotland Heat Map. The heat map is a resource for assessing heat demand and supply opportunities across Scotland.

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The Scotland Heat Map Interactive website can be used by anyone. This interactive map and reporting tool allows you to examine where and how much demand there is for heat energy from buildings across Scotland. Heat demand estimates are presented for areas ranging from 50m grid squares to whole local authorities. It also lets you see where there are existing and planned heat networks and existing and potential sources of energy supply, alongside other relevant data. The purpose of the interactive map is to assist in identifying opportunities for lowering carbon emissions associated with heat in buildings. Most of the data can be downloaded in a range of formats including, where appropriate, web mapping services, web feature services, text files and/or image files. Guidance on how to use the Scotland Heat Map interactive can be found in its quick user guide

Every local authority in Scotland is given access to a more detailed heat map dataset covering their area. We share this data, via the Scotland Heat Map framework agreement, to help them identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions from heat in buildings. Other public sector bodies can register interest in using the heat map by emailing

We have provided the following attached guidance documents to support the use of the map: 

  • framework agreement documentation relating to the agreement between the Scottish Government and local authorities and other public sector organisations to share the data
  • user guidance including a detailed user guide, a data dictionary and metadata and data management information. These show how the map was created and how it can be used and updated.
  • a data sharing request form that can be used to submit requests for us to share heat map data. This is for individuals and organisations that are not covered by the framework agreement.

We have made every effort to ensure the Scotland Heat Map is as accurate as possible. However, with such a large data set, errors will occur. By using the Scotland Heat Map you accept the data as is. The Scottish Government or any data provider is not liable for costs arising from using this data.

View the contact details for organisations that hold Scotland Heat Map data (part of framework agreement document 1.4).

Scotland Heat Map: framework documentation

1.0 framework agreement
1.1 acceptance form
1.2 data users
1.3 contact form
Privacy notice for stakeholder contact details

Scotland Heat Map: user guidance

2.0 user guide
2.1 data dictionary
2.2 metadata, limitations and data management
2.3 validation and improvement

Scotland Heat Map: data sharing request form

Data sharing request form



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