Scottish Budget 2021 to 2022 - Your Scotland, Your Finances: guide

Guide setting out key information about how the system of public finances in Scotland stands in 2021 to 2022, and how this system is changing.

Competent, financially prudent Scottish Government

Devolved Finances

  • The Scottish Government is accountable to the Scottish Parliament and the people in Scotland for its use of public money.
  • Scottish Ministers decide spending plans that have to be approved by Holyrood.
  • Since 2009-10, the Scottish Government has produced its accounts on the basis of international accounting standards.

Barnett Formula

Westminster decides how much it will spend in england on public services. Holyrood is automatically allocated a population share of changes in spending on public services devolved to Scotland.

Money In

  • Block grant,
  • EU funds,
  • Scottish income tax,
  • Land and buildings Transaction tax,
  • Scottish landfill tax,
  • Non-domestic rates,
  • Borrowing,
  • Scotland reserve

The Scottish Consolidated Fund

Money Out

  • Spending on priorities including schools, hospitals, police, housing, farming, fishing, infrastructure and the economy
  • Delivered by Scottish government, executive agencies, NHS, crown office, local councils, third sector and other bodies



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