Scotland 2045: fourth National Planning Framework - draft: integrated impact assessment - non-technical summary

Non-technical summary outlining the integrated impact assessment carried out for Scotland’s draft fourth National Planning Framework.

1. An introduction to the National Planning Framework

1.1 The Scottish Government is reviewing its National Planning Framework (NPF), a long term plan for Scotland 2045.

1.2 The current National Planning Framework (NPF3) was published in 2014 and will remain in place until a fourth NPF (NPF4) is adopted by the Scottish Ministers. The NPF4 spatial strategy will set out where the Scottish Government wants to see development located in the future, and will explore how each part of Scotland can play to its strengths to contribute to a shared national vision. It will also include national planning policies to guide local development plans and decisions on planning applications across Scotland. Finally, NPF4 will also designate certain developments or types of development as 'national developments' for which the Scottish Ministers have established a need in principle.

1.3 NPF4 will work with the Scottish Government's wider programmes and strategies, including on infrastructure and economic investment, and will contribute to the following high level outcomes:

  • Meeting the housing needs of people living in Scotland including, in particular, the housing needs for older people and disabled people;
  • Improving the health and wellbeing of people living in Scotland;
  • Increasing the population of rural areas of Scotland;
  • Improving equality and eliminating discrimination;
  • Meeting any targets relating to the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases; and
  • Securing positive effects for biodiversity.

1.4 The current National Planning Framework (NPF3) and Scottish Planning Policy were published in 2014 and will remain in place until a fourth NPF is adopted.



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