School age childcare: equality impact assessment

Equality impact assessment (EQIA) for the school age childcare (SACC) programme.

3. Using and developing an evidence base

For this EQIA, we have drawn, at a high level, on existing evidence and experience such as:

We are using an agile approach for the Programme and projects, allowing us to put the user first, thinking about what they need. We will co-design and develop ideas iteratively, learning as we progress and explore, using new evidence and feedback from users including parents and children, and providers.

Evidence will continue to inform and adapt our approach and next steps in policy development and delivery. Monitoring and evaluation is a core component of our programme, with ongoing data gathering and shared learning built into projects. This includes collecting data to understand the experiences of different groups of parents and children. As we progress through the Programme’s ‘tests of change’ and ‘system build’ action areas (see the School Age Childcare Delivery Framework for more information), we will gather data and learning to inform each phase of the Programme. We will build a body of evidence to synthesise learning and produce recommendations to inform the design of a system of school age childcare in Scotland.

For example, we recognise there are gaps in the data available to us to understand the breakdown by protected characteristics of the children and families that use, or do not use, school age childcare. There is no obligation for parents to share their diversity data when using school age childcare services, or share diversity data about their children, and so gathering data is difficult. Also, while the Scottish Government collect data for the school pupil population, which would give us an indication of the diversity mix for potential school age childcare users, data is not collected for some protected characteristics as it is not considered appropriate.

We are however funding a data challenge. In Spring 2021, we sponsored a CivTech 6.0 Challenge[2] to find a digital tool to help us better understand supply and demand of school age childcare in communities. Through the CivTech project, data will be captured on the needs of parents and providers for both school age childcare and for a digital product to source provision, including data on protected characteristics. This will form part of the evidence base for EQIAs. Further information will be included in the project EQIA for our Design and Engagement project.



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