School age childcare delivery framework: executive summary (English version)

Executive summary providing a condensed overview of the main School Age Childcare Delivery Framework publication.

What we’ll do and how we’ll do it

Our approach to designing and building a system of school age childcare will be people-centred and place-based. This means that the people of Scotland are supported and empowered to actively participate in the definition, design and delivery of their public services.

We will deepen our understanding of how the school age childcare system works by understanding people’s experiences of it, whether those people are using school age childcare services, providing services, or supporting them. We expect that the needs of families, and the resources available to meet those needs, will differ between communities in Scotland. By taking an approach which delivers the outcomes which are important to particular communities, we recognise that co-design may lead us to distinct school age childcare systems and services in different places.

Our ‘Plan on a page’ outlines how we will build and deliver a system of school age childcare:
This diagram outlines our vision and sets out the steps we will take to work towards designing a system of school age childcare which will be funded for primary school children from low-income households.



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