Scams prevention, awareness and enforcement strategy - summary of spend: 2021-2022

Summary of funding 2021-2022 where outcomes contribute to the strategic actions from the Scams Prevention, Awareness and Enforcement Strategy.

Grant funding – strategic actions 2021-22 Project Total
Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards in Scotland  Scams Prevention Fund £215,000
Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards in Scotland Scams Prevention Fund - Extension £19,138
Advice Direct Scotland  Data Analysis and AI Development £ 80,000
Advice Direct Scotland and Victim Support Scotland  Enhancing referral pathway for Victim Support £ 37,586
Trading Standards Scotland and trueCall Mobile Safe £ 88,800
Trading Standards Scotland Nuisance Call Data Analysis £ 15,850
Total   £456,374

Other funding

Procurement Project Funding total
Awesome Ninja Mapping the Landscape, Stage 1 and 2 £ 43,800 (inc VAT)

Scams Prevention Strategy Funding (as of March 2022) - £500,174

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