Salmon Interactions Working Group Report: Scottish Government Response

Our response to the recommendations in the Salmon Interactions Working Group report [May 2020]


The Parliamentary Inquiries into salmon farming in Scotland focussed on the environmental impact of this vital economic and food industry, drawing out some of the significant challenges, including the interaction with wild salmonids. The SIWG has demonstrated that both sectors are serious about addressing this matter, protecting the environment and delivering change, while also ensuring the sustainable development of Scotland's most important and valuable food producing sector. We welcome this.

Above all, the SIWG report and recommendations show that when partnership working between the farmed and wild fish sectors happens, it is an empowering process, ensuring all points of view are considered in order to effect positive change. Helpfully, it demonstrates that we all share an ambition to do all we can to conserve, protect and restore, if possible, Scotland's wild salmonid population.

We are committed to ongoing engagement with the SIWG membership and others in delivering our response to the recommendations in this report on sea lice and escapes, in addition to engagement with all parties interested in the aquaculture regulatory framework and through our regulatory review process, the first stage of which will report in December 2021.



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