After sale shared equity procedures: guidance 2019

Updated guidance on procedures to be followed for all after sale transactions related to shared equity properties.

Annex 5 – Permission to Let

Annex 5(A) – Email to clients after let period under previous arrangements

Dear [Title Surname]

Title First Name Surname (“the Owners”)

Full Address (“the Property”)

The period of your consent from the Scottish Ministers to let the Property has now expired. You no longer have consent from Scottish Ministers to let the property, and if you do this puts you in breach of your shared equity agreement. Please contact us to make clear your intentions for the property.

Your options are set out below, including information regarding how to progress each alternative:

  • You are intending to move back into the Property and will provide evidence of that fact at the time by way of a Council Tax invoice; or
  • You are intending to sell the property. We will provide you with an information letter explaining the process for marketing and selling your Property; or
  • You are intending to increase your equity stake in the Property to discharge the Scottish Government’s security. We will provide you with an information letter explaining the process for increasing your equity;

I look forward to hearing from you as a matter of urgency. Please contact me if you have any queries.

A copy of the Scottish Government’s Shared Equity Scheme Privacy Notice can be viewed at

This privacy notice illustrates how your personal information will be used by the Scottish Government in relation to the operation of its shared equity schemes and explains your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and how to exercise these rights.

Annex 5(B)- Email to Armed Forces clients requesting permission to let

Dear [Title & Surname]

Title & Full Name (“the Owner”)

Full Address (“the Property”)

Proposal to let for a temporary period

Thank you for your enquiry about letting your property for a temporary period due to you being posted away with the Armed Forces.

In order to proceed, we would be grateful if you could please complete the form overleaf and return to us.

We will require a letter from your employer confirming where you will be posted and the duration in order for us to consider your letting request.

Please note you will require to apply separately for each posting, which will be assessed on their own merit. If approval is granted this will be for the duration of the posting as confirmed by your employer.

Please note to deal with your request we require to receive payment in advance for our administrative costs; which in this case will be (£ insert) - inclusive of VAT at 20%. Payment can be effected by telephone with debit or credit card or by providing us with a cheque for this amount made payable to (insert name of RSL) (please write your name and address on the reverse of the cheque). Please note there is no guarantee that your request will be approved and that our administration fee is non-refundable.

Once we have received your form, confirmation of posting letter and payment of our administration fee, we will consider your circumstances and respond to you within 5 working days with an outcome.

Any approval is subject to us receiving the following documentation from either you or your letting agent:

  • A copy of a properly constituted private residential tenancy (PRT)
  • A letter confirming approval you can let your property from your mortgage provider
  • Confirmation you are registered as a landlord with the Local Authority or are exempt from registration.

(Insert name of RSL) must be notified of any changes to your contact details during the period of the let. We must be able to contact you at any time, in respect of the temporary let of your shared equity property.

Yours sincerely

Annex 5(C) –

Form for Proposed Permission to Let – Armed Forces Personnel

Please complete this table and return to [insert name of the RSL]. If emailed please Reply to email address of Sender.

Insert Name of Shared Equity Owner and Property Address

Please complete your Letting Agent’s name, address, contact number and email in the opposite section (if applicable):


Who is your current Lender?

Please provide details of your posting, location and duration.

When do you require the let to start?

For how long do you envisage the property will be let (this should be no more than the duration of posting)?

If you have not already done so, please provide us with payment of (£ ) (inclusive of VAT at 20%). You may do this either by contacting us at the telephone number shown in the covering letter/email with credit / debit card details or providing us with a cheque (with name and address written on the back ) made payable to us.

Owners details
Full Name
Full Address
Please provide

I/We hereby give consent for <insert name of RSL> to discuss my/our personal information with the above agents. My/our current address I/we temporarily reside in and contact number(s) is/are:


Contact Number(s)

I/we will inform <insert name of RSL> of any changes in respect of my address and contact numbers.

First Name Last Name Date



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