Safer drug consumption facilities: evidence paper

This paper highlights the evidence in support of safer drug consumption facilities.


Research and evaluation from existing SDCFs has found consistent evidence of effectiveness of these facilities in reducing harms associated with drug use.

These evaluations show that these facilities –

  • Contribute to lower rates of fatal overdoses
  • Reduce rates of infection transmission
  • Reduce levels of public drug consumption and publically discarded drug-related litter

In addition these evaluations demonstrate that:

  • Those who are homeless or who are without a fixed address are more likely to use a SDCF.
  • SDCFs have been used to provide people who use drugs with education on safer drug use.
  • SDCFs provide access to medical services or other referrals to health and social care services.
  • Ambulance call-outs for overdoses are generally reduced in the vicinity of a SDCF.
  • Crime rates to not increase in areas where SDCFs operate.



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