Safeguarding data sharing: consultation

This consultation will formalise an approach for Social Security Scotland to align processes with other government departments and to report certain circumstances to a local authority where it becomes apparent that an individual may be at risk of harm.


Q1. Do you agree or disagree Social Security Scotland should be obliged to share information with the relevant Local Authority if during the course of their interactions with the client, it is expected the client is at risk of harm?


Please explain your reasons:

Q1a. If you answered 'agree' to Question 1, do you agree or disagree, that such information sharing should also happen when suspecting a risk of harm to others associated with the client who are not themselves clients of Social Security Scotland e.g. children/others in the household?


Please explain your reasons:

Q2. Who are the appropriate authorities/recipients for receiving the information so that action can be taken to safeguard the individual who may be at risk?

Q3. What information do you consider is required to be shared with the appropriate authority in order for them to be able to act on the concern raised appropriately?

Q4. Should records of any referrals to Local Authorities by Social Security Scotland be retained on the client's case file?

Note: These records would be minimised as required by the UK GDPR and securely stored with only limited senior staff having access to that particular file on the client record.

If records are not retained in the client's case file, they would be retained separately as appropriate, in accordance with point 5 of the key principles outlined earlier in the document


Please explain your reasons:

Q5. Do you agree or disagree that the member of staff escalating their concerns that an individual may be at risk of harm with a suitably trained manager in Social Security Scotland is an appropriate and sufficient escalation before a referral is made?


Please explain your reasons:

Q5a. If you answered 'disagree' to question 5, please elaborate on what you believe to be a sufficient measure to be taken before Social Security Scotland make a referral. In this response, please bear in mind that in terms of harm, time is of essence and staff will often be required to act quickly.

Q6. Please share any other information or views you wish us to consider in relation to this issue.



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