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Role of the safeguarder in the children's hearing system

Published: 17 Nov 2017
Children and Families Directorate
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Children and families

This research is to examine the role of the safeguarder in the children’s hearings system from the perspectives of six key stakeholder groups.

Role of the safeguarder in the children's hearing system


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3. According to the Act of Sederunt (Child Care and Maintenance) Rules 1997/291, Rule 3.7(2), "[w]here a sheriff appoints a safeguarder, the appointment and the reasons for it must be recorded in an interlocutor".

4. Children’s Hearing Scotland Act 2011 (Rules of Procedure in Children’s Hearings) Rules 2013/194, Rule 56(4).

5. The Framework makes provision for “Group Events: Engagement Events” (p 14) but these were not mentioned by questionnaire or interview respondents during the research