The risk management of HAI: A Methodology for NHSscotland

The Risk Management of HAI: A Methodology for NHSs

ANNEX 4: Membership of HAI Task Force Working Group 12


Membership Representation



Eunice E. Muir


Nurse Director

NHS 24

Dr Alison Bramley

Learning from Experience

Project Manager

NHS Lothian

Richard Carey

Chief Executive

Chief Executive

NHS Highland

Professor John Davies



Centre for Applied Social Psychology

Sean Doherty

NHS Quality Improvement Scotland

Review Team Manager

NHS Quality Improvement Scotland

Dr Anne Eastaway

Microbiology/Risk Assessment

Consultant Microbiologist

NHS Argyll & Clyde

Maureen O'Neill

Public Involvement Representative

Donna O'Boyle


Risk Management National Assessor


Pat O'Connor

Risk Manager

Head of Risk Management

NHS Tayside

Roy Pettigrew

Public Involvement Representative

Joan Sneddon

Risk Assessment/Infection Control

Nurse Consultant Infection Control

Health Protection Scotland

Dr Eric Walker

Scottish Joint Consultants Committee

Consultant Physician Epidemiologist

Health Protection Scotland

Dr Brian Watt

Watt Group Report/Risk Management

Retired Consultant Microbiologist

SEHD Secretariat:

Mrs Margaret Tannahill, Project Leader, HAI Task Force

Dr Peter Christie, Senior Medical Officer

Supported by Hazel Borland, Head of Clinical Governance and Patient Safety, NHS Quality Improvement Scotland.

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