Trial mackerel inshore fishery 2014-2017: review

A background to the creation of the inshore mackerel fisheries and review of the impacts of the 2014-17 trial period of expanded access and quota allocation.

Annex 1 Consultation questions

1. Do you agree that the mackerel allocation for 10mu non-sector pool fishery should continue?

2. Do you agree that the current allocation for the North Sea stock is the right amount?

3. Do you agree that the additional allocation for the western stock should be reduced to 50 tonnes?

4. Do you agree with the arrangements for the current quota allocation pools for the NS mackerel stock? i.e. managing pots of quota discreetly by ports of administration?

5. Do you think that the allocation between these pools should change?

6. Do you agree with the Scottish Government's proposal to establish handline mackerel as a fishery open to all licences and therefore remove all handline mackerel entitlements from licences?

7. Should all non sector vessels have access to the inshore mackerel fishery?

8. Do you have any other comments or suggestions about the future management of the fishery?


Email: Ross Parker

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