Review of the Scottish Welfare Fund Interim Scheme

The review explores how well the interim arrangements of the Scottish Welfare Fund (SWF) have worked, from the perspectives of applicants to the SWF and the third sector organisations supporting them. It also provides recommendations for the remainder of the interim period and for the permanent arrangements.


[1] The guidance is available in full at

[2] DIG members include representatives from COSLA, local authorities and Scottish Government. The DIG has received design input from local authority specialists, Scottish Government analysts,

DWP, and stakeholders e.g. Child Poverty Action Group and Citizens Advice Scotland. Events have also been run to engage local authorities and 3rd sector organisations.

[3] See Grant, A. (2011) The Social Fund: A Review of Selected Literature. Edinburgh: Scottish Government Social Research

[4] The term 'vulnerability' is used in the report in a way that is consistent with categories specified in Annex E of the Guidance to the scheme.

[5] Sections 12B and C of the 1968 Social Work Act place a duty on local authorities to make direct payments available to eligible adults and children who wish to receive them. This might include people (adults or children) with any kind of disability for example, those with physical, including sensory disabilities, learning disabilities and people who are disabled by illness (for example those affected by mental illness, arthritis, cancer or by HIV/AIDS).

[6] The latest version of the Guidance (April 2014) has removed this exclusion: individuals subject to a sanction from the DWP can apply for the SWF in the same way as any other applicant



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