Review of Scottish public sector procurement in construction

Report of the independent review of procurement in construction carried out by Robin Crawford and Ken Lewandowski.

Appendix 1- Glossary

AHSP Affordable Housing Supply Programme

APUC Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges

BIM Building Information Modelling

BREEAM Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method

CAD Computer-aided design

CCA Chief Construction Advisor (see section 4.4)

CECA Civil Engineering Contractors Association

GVA Gross value added

HSD Housing Supply Division (Scottish Government)

IIB Infrastructure Investment Board

IIP Infrastructure Investment Plan

ITT Invitation to tender

KPIs Key performance indicators

LHS Local housing strategies

NPD Non-profit distributing

PCA Procurement capability assessment

PCS Public Contracts Scotland

PPRB Public Procurement Reform Board

PQQ Pre-qualification questionnaire

PRDG Procurement Reform Delivery Group

RIAS Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland

RICS Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

RSL Registered social landlord

SAP Standard assessment procedure

SFT Scottish Futures Trust

SHIP Strategic Housing Investment Plan

SLP Strategic local programmes

SME Small and medium-sized enterprise

SPCD Scottish Procurement and Commercial Directorate


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