Low-level pollution - health impacts: evidence review

This review explores the existing evidence on the health effects associated with low-level pollution in countries that have levels of ambient air pollution similar to Scotland.


BC – black carbon

CIND – cognitive impairment, not dementia

CO - carbon monoxide

CO2 - carbon dioxide

CVD – cardiovascular disease

DALY - disability-adjusted life year

GNI - Gross National Income

HEI – Health Effects Institute

NO - nitric oxide

NOx - nitric oxides

NO2 – nitrogen dioxide

O3 – ozone

PAFs - population attributable fractions

PM – particulate matter

PM10 – particulate matter (particles are less than 10 micrometres in diameter)

PM2.5 – particulate matter (particles are less than 2.5 micrometres in diameter)

QALY - quality-adjusted life year

RQ – research question

SDI – socio demographic index

SO2 - sulphur dioxide


Email: andrew.taylor2@gov.scot

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