Equality impact assessment results: Glasgow 2018 European Championships

Findings and recommendations of the EQIA for the Glasgow 2018 European Championships and Festival 2018.

Annex B

Inclusion Reference Group

Terms of Reference

1. Purpose

Glasgow 2018 European Championships and Festival 2018 (G2018) are committed to delivering the best, barrier free experience to everyone who wants to participate; and will take proactive actions to ensure the event is as inclusive and accessible as possible. The purpose of the Inclusion Reference Group ( IRG) will be to support the work of the Policy and Evaluation FA (and other relevant FAs), support the delivery of agreed objectives set out in the Inclusion Strategy, and act as a reference mechanism for G2018.

2. Membership

Glasgow 2018 (chair)
Tourism and Major Events Division, Scottish Government
Visit Scotland
Glasgow Life
LEAP Sports Scotland
Glasgow LGBTI+ Voluntary Services Network
West of Scotland Regional Equality Council ( WSREC)
Glasgow Disability Alliance ( GDA)
Poverty Leadership Panel Manager, Glasgow Poverty Leadership Panel

3. Responsibilities

  • Sharing specialist expertise, knowledge and insight to enable the Inclusion Strategy to be effectively implemented.
  • Represent the views of communities of interest and act as a reference point to enable the Inclusion Strategy to be effectively implemented.
  • Ensure that G2018 benefits and contributes to, national and local strategies, objectives and outcomes.
  • Ensure that G2018 builds on the legacy of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and other major events hosted in Scotland.
  • Promote G2018 and opportunities with groups and at events and meetings attended out with the Reference Group.

4. Meetings

The group will meet monthly and will be chaired by the G2018 Policy and Evaluation Team. Meeting agendas and minutes will be issued by the G2018 Championships Team.

Additional members may be added to the Group or invited as a one-off dependent on the requirements of the agenda.

The frequency of meetings and remit of this Group will be reviewed as the work of G2018 progresses.


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