Coronavirus (COVID-19) residential rehabilitation - testing, vaccination and infection control: status report

Report providing an improved estimate of current COVID-19 testing and vaccination in residential rehab settings in Scotland and to better understand how services are adapting to minimise the risk of infection within their service.

Executive summary

  • Of the 20 residential rehab facilities surveyed, 17 replied . Thirteen of the facilities provided residential treatment for both alcohol and drug addiction (76%), 3 provided treatment for drugs only and 1 provided treatment for alcohol only.
  • Of these facilities, the vast majority (n = 16; 94%) reported testing of staff, however, only 8 (47%) reported testing of residents. Currently visitors are being tested at 5 facilities (29%), however a number of those not testing do not allow visitors within the facility.
  • A mixed picture emerged across the rehab facilitates around types of tests used, frequency and method of administration, processing and recording of test results. The majority of facilities (82%) reported that they felt residents would be able to do supervised self-testing should this be deemed appropriate.
  • The vast majority of members of staff at residential rehab facilities had received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination (86%).
  • Over half of residents at residential rehab facilities had received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccination (57%).
  • The majority of facilities (71%) surveyed reported isolating residents upon arrival. All facilities reported having specific isolation protocols in place in the event of a resident contracting COVID-19 whilst residing at their facility.
  • Ten facilities (59%) reported currently allowing visitors to their facility. All facilities reported adopting specific protocols around visitors to their facility.



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