Residential rehabilitation: status report on current levels of capacity

This survey was designed to provide a cross-sectional snapshot of the residential rehabilitation national landscape in Scotland.

Appendix B

Current Capacity in Residential Rehabilitation Survey Questions

1) Name of Residential Rehabilitation provider:

2) Your name and role within the service:

3) Date of completion:

4) What is your maximum placement capacity? If you have a COVID restricted max capacity please provide this in addition to your total capacity.

Total capacity:

COVID restricted capacity:

5) Thinking about today, how many placements are currently filled at your service?

6) Thinking more generally, on average day in the last month, how many placements are filled at your service? (this may be the same as above).

7) In order to increase your capacity, what short-, medium-, and long-term actions would need to be taken? (please provide a bullet point list, in order of priority)

Short term (within the next week)...

Medium term (within the next quarter to half year...

Long term (within the next 12 to 18 months)...



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