Reshaping Care for Older People 2011 - 2021

A short, plain English summary of the Reshaping care for Older People Programme, to accompany the publication of our update paper, 'Getting On'.


A huge network of health and social care professionals, practitioners, volunteers, third and independent sector organisations, family members and friends, are involved in helping our older people to live independent, active and healthy lives in their own communities.

Each makes different contributions but we share a common set of long-term goals, or outcomes, in relation to improving the quality of life for older people in Scotland.

We are therefore developing a logic model to help with monitoring public services and to bring together evidence of change.

More information about the model as it is developed will be available at: or type 'Health Scotland outcomes' into your search engine.

Health and Welfare Organisation in Edinburgh for South Asian women

Source: Nari Kallyan Shangho - a health and welfare organisation in Edinburgh for South Asian women and their families.

Our Reshaping Care for Older People long-term outcomes feed into a broader one, 'Optimise Quality of Life': Essentially, if we help people to have, for example, the best possible physical health, this will in turn contribute to them having the best possible quality of life.

Optimise quality of life


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