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Housing land audits: research project

Published: 17 Jan 2019

Assessment of housing land audits (HLAs) for consistency and compliance, their potential for standardisation and their role in development plan delivery.

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50 page PDF

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Housing land audits: research project

50 page PDF

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Abbreviations used in this report:

HLA = Housing Land Audit

HLR = Housing Land Requirement

HNDA = Housing Needs and Demand Assessment

HST = Housing Supply Target

LDP = Local Development Plan

MIR = Main Issues Report

NPF = National Planning Framework

PAN = Planning Advice Note

RSL = Registered Social Landlord

SDP = Strategic Development Plan

SPP = Scottish Planning Policy

Report prepared by:

Mark Robertson
Ryden LLP
7 Exchange Crescent
Conference Square
Edinburgh, EH3 8AN

Details of additional assistance

Neil Collar, Brodies LLP

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Planning and Architecture Division
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