Outer Hebrides creel limitation pilot: research and evaluation

Presents the findings of the survey made into the operational implications and socio-economic impacts of the Outer Hebrides Creel Limitation Pilot on fishers.


Due to the unfortunate timing of the CLP, the socio-economic impacts have been difficult to interpret against a backdrop of COVID, Brexit and more recently, the cost-of-living crisis. However, the results of this qualitative socio-economic study suggest movement in the right direction with fishers noticing either a small improvement or no decline in circumstances. Many fishers agree that the pilot represents an optimistic, albeit imperfect starting point, believing that the creel limits need to be reassessed and reduced. It is hoped that with a re-evaluation of the creel limits and limitation area, the positive impacts on conflict, well-being, economic situation and operational patterns may be experienced more keenly by a larger proportion of fishers. To ensure that any benefits accrued from this pilot are a true reflection of the socio-economic impacts, it is recommended that the pilot be extended both in time and area. This small-scale co-management in the form of a creel limitation at a localised level shows promise though thought must be given to the issues beyond a localised jurisdiction, such as that of foreign vessels.


Email: inshore@gov.scot

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