Reports on the environment sent to the European Union and European Environment Agency: list

List of regular statistical or scientific reports on the environment sent from Scotland to the European Union and European Environment Agency.

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Following a review undertaken from September 2019-September 2020, a list was assembled of Scotland’s regular reporting of environmental statistical and scientific reports to the European Union (EU) and European Environment Agency (EEA).

The list of environmental statistical and scientific reports included in this EXCEL workbook was provided by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, NatureScot and Scottish Government. It does not include reports produced by organisations outside Scotland. It does include reports that are sent to other bodies for collation of information before forwarding to EU etc., such as the United Kingdom (UK) Department for Food and the Environment (Defra) and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC). Some reports sent to the EU contain information for the UK as a whole which do not require reports from Scottish organisations.

The review found that EU exit should not result in a loss of published information about the environment in Scotland.

Overall, the review undertaken found that most data reported to Europe would already be available post EU-exit via other routes. For the reports to the EU by Scottish public bodies where Scottish data is not currently published separately, organisations have agreed that in future they will publish this data to ensure no loss of data provision. Organisations currently reporting information to the EU have indicated that they will continue to monitor the environment to enable such information to be available after EU exit.

The list of international reports is split into two parts. Rows 4-21 lists reports with data currently supplied to the EU/EEA which are not published or only published in part by the reporting organisation while rows 22-41 lists reports where data is published by or on behalf of the reporting organisation.

While organisations providing the information have completed as much of the detail as possible, there may be gaps in the information and we would welcome any comments that will help make the information more complete. In particular it is often difficult to locate the relevant public facing data on the EU websites.

This EXCEL file will be updated on an ad hoc basis to incorporate the latest information on where the reports can be found.



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