Regulatory model including Progressive Licensing scheme for Funeral Directors: report to Scottish Ministers

Report on the introduction of a regulatory model including Progressive Licensing scheme for Funeral Directors in Scotland.


55. It is the view of the Inspector of Funeral Directors that Ministers should introduce and launch a scheme of Progressive Licensing for funeral directors in Scotland. 

56. The licensing scheme should be introduced by legislative means set out in the Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Act 2016 by December 2020, to provide reassurance to the bereaved in Scotland and to ensure good standards of care for the deceased and support for the bereaved.

57. This scheme should be business (including all locations) and activity focussed initially, but Ministers may want to review the value of individual licenses, conditions of licence such as mandatory training requirements, in the future following an evaluation of the initial licensing scheme. 

58. In taking forward work to implement a scheme of licensing, the Government and Inspector should continue to engage with the funeral sector to build on the good engagement that has occurred to date. 

Respectfully submitted by the Inspector of Funeral Directors, Natalie McKail, 

December 2018



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