Remove a historical conviction for sexual activity between men

Apply to get a historical conviction for sexual activity between men removed from your record.

Your personal information

All information that you provide during the application process will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Your criminal history information will only be processed as far as is necessary to progress your application. For example, we may ask relevant data controllers, such as the police, to provide further information or copies of documents to help us make a decision.  This is explained in more detail within the page called 'what happens next’.

We will never disclose the information to any person or organisation not involved in the process without your express consent to do so. If you would like us to contact someone else acting on your behalf in respect of this application, you should enclose a signed letter along with your application setting out the contact details of the person acting on your behalf and stating that you consent to us discussing your application with that individual/organisation.

We will retain details of your application for a period of 6 years to enable us to deal with any subsequent queries or legal challenges that may arise. It will not be accessed for any other purposes and all personal details will be deleted after this period. 

It is strongly recommended that you keep all the official correspondence you receive in relation to this application, as a record of what has happened. It will not be possible to provide further copies of correspondence after your personal details have been deleted at the conclusion of the retention period.



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