Remove a historical conviction for sexual activity between men

Apply to get a historical conviction for sexual activity between men removed from your record.


If you have a conviction relating to sexual activity between men committed in Scotland that's no longer criminal, you can apply to have it removed from your record. This means the conviction is 'disregarded'.

If your application is successful, your records will be updated and the conviction will never appear on, for example, a disclosure issued by Disclosure Scotland.

The application form and a detailed guide to applying are attached (the guidance is under 'supporting files'). There is no time limit for applying.

To get a paper copy of the application form and guide posted to you contact us by email or post using the contact details at the bottom of this page.

All information that you provide during the application process will be treated in the strictest confidence, and only shared in so far as is necessary to process your application. See section: 'your personal information'.

Wrongful and discriminatory past convictions for certain historical sexual offences can have a damaging effect on your mental and emotional well-being.

You can contact the LGBT helpline on 0300 123 2523 or email who can confidentially discuss a range of issues with you to support your emotional wellbeing. 





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