Religiously aggravated offending in Scotland 2017-2018: analysis of charges

Analysis of charges reported to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service of Scotland (COPFS) under Section 74 of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003.


1. See:

2. See:

3. Previous 'Religiously Aggravated Offending in Scotland' reports are available at :

4. This is a recent change introduced in 2016-17; the survey was previously carried out every two years with 11,500 adults taking part.

5. Data extracted 3 May 2018.

6. Rates calculated using local authority mid-year 2017 population estimates. Available at:

7. 'Main street' refers to a public street in a town or city centre and is used in this report, and the previous analysis, to distinguish between these areas and residential/suburban areas.

8. The 'association with football' also took into consideration language that referred to a particular football team, or relevance to football songs or regalia/symbols.

9. At the time of the extraction of the data on 3 May 2018.


11. See:

12. 'Other' disposals in 2017-18 include admonishments, absolute discharges and restriction of liberty orders.


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