Religiously Aggravated Offending in Scotland 2012-13

Information about religious aggravations charges reported to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) by the police in 2012-13.


1. The total number of charges is taken from the most up-to date information recorded on the COPFS case management system. This is a live system and the number of totals may vary from those previously published due to changes made during the course of investigation and prosecution of a case. The research conducted last year was based on the latest information available at the time, and reported 876 charges in 2011-12 and 693 charges in 2010-11.

2. Charges reported under the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act (2012) in 2012-13

3. There were 106 'religious' charges under Offensive Behaviour legislation. The religious element in 31 of these charges was included as a religious aggravation and so already counted in the section 74 total. The other 75 charges involved the religious element within the main charge, so these represent 'extra' charges.


5. Defined as those aged 16 and over.


7. Local Authority Areas population rate based on GROS mid-year population rates 2011. Available at

8. 'Main street' refers to a public street in a town or city centre and is used in this report, and in the previous analysis, to distinguish between these areas and residential/suburban areas.

9. Included in the 'other' category are 6 charges which took place in religious buildings.

10. The 'association with football' also took into consideration language that referred to a particular football team or reference to football songs or regalia/symbols


12. 3 religious officials were the victims of abuse.

13. 'Community penalty' includes a community service order and a community payback order

14. 'Other' disposals include warnings, drug treatment orders and football banning orders


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