Regulatory Review Group minutes: August 2017

Minutes from the meeting of the Regulatory Review Group (RRG) on 23 August 2017, chaired by Professor Russel Griggs OBE.

Attendees and apologies

In Attendance

  • Professor Russel Griggs OBE (Chairman), CBI
  • Scott Walker, NFUS
  • Sheila Scobie, CMA
  • Susan Love, FSB
  • Marion McCormack, Scottish Government
  • Jill Rosie, Scottish Government
  • Wendy McCutcheon, Scottish Government (by phone)


  • Ewan MacDonald-Russell, SRC
  • Alice Telfer, ICAS
  • Gregor Scotland, CBI
  • Charandeep Singh, Scottish Chambers of Commerce
  • Ian Cass, FPB
  • Robert Nicol, COSLA
  • Helen Martin, STUC
  • Sarah Smith, Regulatory Delivery, BEIS
  • David Skilling, Scotland Office
  • Oonagh Gil, Scottish Government

Items and actions

Welcome & Introductions

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Agenda Item 1 – Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes were approved and an update on action points provided. It was noted that the SFRS Business Engagement Forum was still operating but had reformulated their rules. The Scottish Government was represented on the Forum by the Fire and Rescue Unit officials and they ensured that RRG secretariat was kept informed.

Agenda Item 2 – Chairman’s Report

The Chair provided an oral update on recent meetings listed in the tabled paper. He noted that he would be on leave at the next meeting of the Code of Practice Working Group. Marion McCormack stated that a number of regulators not already covered by the Code were expressing an interest in adhering to it.

The Chair enquired as to whether the guidance issued for public entertainment licenses for funfairs was as a result of RRG advice. Marion provided an update on her meeting with SOLAR as they are now picking up again on licensing issues and they could be driving this. Secretariat to ascertain background to this guidance.

Action Points: Secretariat to discuss with policy officials background to guidance for public entertainment licenses for funfairs.

Agenda Item 3 – RRG Workplan and Risk Register

Jill provided a brief update on the on-going projects as follows:-

  • Mobile Traders – a short-life working group has been established with the first meeting organised for 7 September.
  • BRIAs – thanks were expressed to Sheila Scobie for offering to present to Scottish Government officials on the new and expanded part of the Consumer and Competition section of the BRIA. These training sessions will run on the 4 and 5 October in Edinburgh and Glasgow respectively.
  • Voluntary Regulation – Ewan MacDonald-Russell and RRG secretariat are working on organising a Ministerial event for 31 January 2018. It is hoped that businesses will be able to present at this event on their experience of voluntary regulations. If any members have suggestions as to businesses that could be approached please let secretariat know.
  • Code of Practice – the second meeting of the working group has been arranged for 20 September.

Marion also stated that she would like to see the workplan as a live document and suggested moving to a project plan format. This was agreed.

As noted in the Chair’s report, Prof Griggs is scheduled to meet with Mike Russell MSP, Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe to discuss Brexit issues. Following this meeting the workplan will be amended to include any work emanating from this meeting.

There then followed a detailed discussion on the RRG workplan and RRG in general. Ideas included:

  • A refresh of RRG including less generic meetings of the group.
  • RRG members leading on individual work streams with support from secretariat.
  • Review the role of secretariat.
  • How do we bring others in to the individual work streams and RRG in general?
  • Speak to business bodies to ascertain what it is that they want / need.
  • Hold an annual event where ideas could be shared.
  • Have a revolving membership.
  • Do the Four Nations meetings have a role to play in what we focus on?

All members to have a think about how they would like to see RRG operate and email secretariat to allow discussion at October meeting to finalise way forward. In the meantime, secretariat will issue calendar requests for 2018.   Action Points: All members to advise secretariat on their views of the operational aspect of RRG. Secretariat to issue calendar requests for 2018.

Agenda Item 4 – AOB

There were two items under AOB:

  • Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2015 – implementation of provisions requiring additional vehicles to be licensed under taxis and private hire car licensing. Susan Love raised this issue stating that following a Scottish Government policy officer response, she still wasn’t any clearer as to why this change was being implemented. Secretariat to find out.
  • Susan stated that FSB had concerns over the Scottish Government’s Deposit Return Scheme policy. Marion assured Susan that she had met with senior policy officials on this issue and emphasised the need that going forward policy officials need to keep engaged with the secretariat and ensure that a BRIA is carried out.

Action Points: Secretariat to discuss with policy officials the reasoning for the change as noted above in the Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2015.

Date of next meeting, Wednesday 5 October 2017 from 10 am – 12 noon.



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