Regulation of Legal Services (Scotland) Bill: Fairer Scotland Duty summary

In compliance with The Fairer Scotland Duty as set out in legislation in Part 1 of the Equality Act 2010, this assessment considers what more can be done to reduce the 'inequalities of outcome' caused by 'socio-economic disadvantage' in relation to the Regulation of Legal Services (Scotland) Bill.

4. Summary of assessment findings

Which changes, if any, are being implemented?

4.1 The provisions in the Bill recognise the issues raised above. They take account of evidence gained from those with related experience and views expressed through the consultation responses. Some of the provisions are anticipated to address some of the issues the evidence has shown that socio-economically disadvantaged individuals and their families can experience.

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Name: Denise Swanson

Job title: Deputy Director, Civil Law and Legal System Division, Justice Directorate



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