Registration and licensing of animal sanctuaries and rehoming activities in Scotland: consultation

This consultation covers proposals for a modern system of registration and licensing of animal sanctuaries and rehoming activities.

Letter to Interested Parties

Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate
Animal Health and Welfare Division

T: 0300-244 5062

To Interested Parties
( List attached)


Dear Sir/Madam

Consultation on “Registration and Licensing of Animal Sanctuaries and Rehoming Activities in Scotland”.

You are invited to respond to the enclosed consultation document on a specific proposal to introduce legislation for a modern system of registration and licensing of animal sanctuaries and rehoming activities, allowing for independent accreditation of applicants to reduce the burden on local authority inspectors.

Full details regarding the purpose and scope of the consultation, and how to respond to it are contained in pages 2 – 4 of the consultation paper. To improve ease of analysis of the consultation response we would be grateful if, where possible, you could respond by way of the online survey facility hosted by Citizenspace. A link to the consultation survey on Citizenspace can be found on the Scottish Government website at:

Other methods for responding are explained in the consultation paper.

Your consultation response is important to us so please note that the consultation will close on 4 March 2018. Any response received after this date is unlikely to be included in the consultation analysis.

As always with consultations, we need to know how you wish your response to be handled, and in particular, whether you are happy for your response to be made public. The Respondent Information Form should be completed by everyone providing a response to the consultation document. Further information concerning the Respondent Information Form and how your response will be handled can be found on pages 2 – 4 of the consultation paper.

If you have any queries about this consultation please contact Louise Dowdles by email: or by telephone: 0300 244 5062.

Enclosed with this letter are:

  • The main Consultation Document
  • The Respondent Information Form and consultation questionnaire (to be completed when sending a response)

Please feel free to forward copies of these consultation documents to anyone else that you think might have an interest in them.

We look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully

Animal Welfare Team
Scottish Government


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