Regional Employment Patterns in Scotland: Statistics from the Annual Population Survey, 2015

Summary publication of results from the Annual Population Survey 2015, presenting analysis on the labour market, education and training. Results are provided for Scotland and local authority areas in Scotland.

Annex B: Using APS data

  • How data are displayed in Tables

In this publication, all levels are rounded to the nearest hundred (excluding
estimates of NEET, which are rounded to the nearest thousand, due to small sample sizes). Proportions are calculated on un-rounded figures and are rounded to the first decimal place. Totals may not equal the sum of individual components due to rounding. All results are based on the area of residence unless otherwise stated.

* indicates data are suppressed as estimates are below the reliability threshold.

  • Data Access


Selected APS data for Scotland and the geographies covered by this year's web tables will be available free of charge from the Scottish Government's Open Access website from early June 2016:

The site also holds data from a wide range Scottish Government surveys.

Scottish Government

The Labour Market Statistics Branch at the Scottish Government publish data from the LFS and APS and other related surveys on their website -

Alternatively, tabulations are also available on request:

Labour Market Statistics Branch
Education Analytical Services
Scottish Government
6 th Floor, 5 Atlantic Quay

Tel: (0300) 244 6790


APS data (including confidence limits) for the whole of the UK and other government office regions are available free of charge from the Nomis ® website -

The Nomis website also holds data on claimants of benefits, vacancies and employees.

UK Data Archive

APS micro data are available to users through the Data Archive at Essex University. Access to these data is through a 'Special Licence' scheme, which allows access to detailed data provided that the research use is fully described and strict conditions of access are adhered too. More detail is available on the Data Archive website -

Office for National Statistics

ONS publish monthly regional labour market statistical which includes a range of labour market indicators for local areas across the UK. The reports can be accessed on their website at:

Headline national and regional statistical bulletins are produced monthly (based on LFS data) and can be accessed from the ONS website at:


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