Regeneration Capital Grant Fund - stage one 2024 to 2025: application form

Fund which supports locally developed, place-based regeneration projects that involve local communities, helping to tackle inequalities and deliver inclusive growth in deprived, disadvantaged and fragile remote communities across Scotland. This Fund closed to applications on 21 June 2023.

Who can apply

This Fund closed to applications on 21 June 2023.

The fund is open on a competitive basis to:

  • all Scottish local councils
  • Clyde Gateway urban regeneration company

Eligible projects

At stage one, you must be able to demonstrate that your project:

  • meets the programme aims
  • can spend or commit any funding by end March 2025
  • has involved the community in its design
  • will help to achieve net-zero targets

You can apply for 100% of project costs, but projects that can demonstrate match funding will be looked on favourably by the investment panel.

You can make more than one application. However as there are limited funds available (£25 million for 2024 to 2025) you should be realistic about what you are asking for. Don’t include projects that are still at feasibility stage.

Multi-year project proposals

We recognise that some projects are more complex than others and may take longer to deliver. For that reason, multi-year project proposals will be accepted.

Ineligible projects and expenditure

The fund is a capital expenditure fund. Future running costs are not eligible.

The fund is not intended to be a primary source of funding for:

  • housing projects (but can support ancillary outcomes)
  • major infrastructure projects relating to transport
  • purchase of moveable infrastructure, e.g. furniture and fittings.
  • projects relating solely to hotel or retail developments – these are unlikely to be supported if there are no clear regeneration outcomes
  • projects that focus solely on public realm improvements, new roads / paths or upgrades - these are unlikely to be funded.  However, these may be eligible if they are elements within wider regeneration projects which will produce economic and social outcomes
  • flood protection/work/upgrades

Please note, where a project is successful in receiving a recommendation and offer of grant, drawdown must take place in line with the approved profile. There is no facility to carry over grant into subsequent financial years. Failure to meet the timescales in the offer of grant may result in the offer of grant being withdrawn.

Project end dates may go beyond the funding period outlined in the application. However it should be clear what the sources of funding for this activity will be.

Vacant and Derelict Land Investment Programme

If you have also applied for funding for your project under the separate Vacant and Derelict Land Investment Programme, you won’t be invited to stage two of both funds. We encourage you to submit your project to one fund only.

If you are unsure which fund is most suitable, please get in touch.



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